A space sharing agreement with the William Way Community Center has allowed AIDS Fund to reduce overhead expenses and be a part of the vibrant and growing Community Center.

Working with America’s Charities, Bread and Roses Community Fund, Center for Responsible Funding, Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania and Women’s Way, AIDS Fund seeks to create new and enhance existing workplace giving campaigns.

While great strides have been made in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, human tissue from both infected and uninfected individuals are needed to continue the vital work to discover new therapies for HIV/AIDS and minimize the impact of adverse side effects while working steadily on the development of a vaccine. AIDS Fund is pleased to help raise awareness about the National Disease Research Interchange's (NDRI) program for blood, organ and tissue donations from HIV-positive donors for the research community. If you are HIV-positive and are interested in tissue donation for research, NDRI can provide you with all the necessary information on their web site at http://www.ndriresource.org/NDRI_Initiatives/HIV/35/





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For information on HIV testing sites and/or referrals to services for people living with HIV/AIDS, please call the AIDS Hotline at 215-985-AIDS(2437)


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AIDS Fund conducts a variety of programs throughout the year to increase public awareness about the impact of HIV on our communities. AIDS Fund's mission is to educate about, and increase public awareness of, HIV/AIDS and to provide emergency financial assistance to people living with HIV disease and organizations providing HIV services in our communities.

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